Web platform for visualising and exploiting data from weather stations

Thanks to its user-friendly, intuitive interface, the WebMet platform enables managers to monitor, analyse and optimise their operations.

  • Full Web access
  • 24/7 availability
  • Multi-user
  • Data security
  • Regular updates
  • Meteorological Architecture

    WebMet ® Platform

    Real-time collection of measurements from each station / Display and exploitation of data / Data protection and backup

    Remote maintenance

    Remote monitoring and maintenance of stations and software


    Secure, simultaneous connection / Access via web browser

    Forecasting services

    Transmission of data to forecasting organisations to optimise weather forecasts (SYNOP, BUFR,…)

    Configuration and maintenance software

    Mercury Maintainer

    This software is used for the configuration and maintenance of the MERCURY stations. Its simple, intuitive interface allows users to quick master its various features.

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    WebMet ®/ Mercury Maintainer
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