on board ship
On board ship automatic weather station

The NEPTUNE on-board weather station was designed for the acquisition and transmission of data in severe environments.


Marine meteorology

On-board ship AWS
  • Complies with the requirements of IEC 60945: 2002  
  • High data availability thanks to IRIDIUM  
  • Data format designed in collaboration with JCOMM expert teams and the oceanographic community  
  • Ready to use for voluntary observation ships (VOS)  
  • Global PMO support community with international VOS coordinated by the Ship Observations Team (JCOMM / SOT)  
On-board Automatic Weather Station
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Pressure
  • Speed and direction of the wind
  • Temperature of the sea
  • 8 capteurs
  • Synchronization and GPS positioning
  • Integration of navigation data
  • Integration of human observations
  • Static pressure measure
  • 18-30 Vdc
  • Consumption: 50mA
  • External ON / OFF switch
  • Iridium Satellite / Bidirectional
  • SSL / TLS security, STARTTLS / normal
  • Parameterizable interval
  • Message size: 30 to 51 bytes
  • Message FM94-BUFR
  • Triggering transmissions on events: zone, hours, port mode
EUCAWS project
European Common Automatic Weather Station

The NEPTUNE station was developed as part of an E-SURFMAR project with the aim of equipping the ships participating in the VOS programme. The objectives are: automation of the European fleet, standardisation of systems, compatibility with many types of sensors and compliance with the VOS scheme.


VOS Global Program (Voluntary Observing Ship).

National Navy.



  • Global Coverage (Iridium Satellite Network)
  • Standard message FM94 -BUFR
  • On-site and remote maintenance
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Interfacing with navigation instruments
  • Integration of human observations (TurboWin +)
  • Complient with CEI 60945:2002
  • Marine environment
Data-sheet download

Marine Software

Collection, transmission and data management

Maintenance Software
(Service Unit)

• Station set-up
• Configuration of data to be sent
• Visualization of raw sensor data
• Operating logs
Memory and version management

Landbased Monitoring Facility

• Parameterization of the iridium communication
• Station set-up
• Configuration of data to be sent
• Station logs

Turbowin +
On board operating software

• Real time data visualization
• Entry of manual comments
• Over 200 quality controls on data

Full Web
Ground mining platform

• Real-time data and position decoding
• Web mapping interface with display of positions
• Automatic data distribution via FTP or e-mail
• Custom alerts (geo-dependency, sensor value) SMS/email

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